Its  wedding season.   Set your special day off with a unique  gift or accompaniment.  As you will see here my designs are not overstated and can fit any occasion.  I can personalise to your requirements.  You will notice that some items have appeared elsewhere on my site, but I have brought them together for your convenience. Other items are exclusive to the wedding  range.

Design fabric bunting

Here we see a single design repeated for installing into a vehicle.  This can also be installed elsewhere if you desire.

Place and name tags

New for 2017, we see here the delicately sized  and decorated tag.  These can be used for a variety of purposes.

The tags used in this pictorial context are for attaching to cups and glasses as place names.  These style of  tags can be used for a different set of purposes, defined only by your requirements.  Due to the unique nature of the wood used, the tags will vary in size.

Named fabric bunting

In traditional style we see here fabric bunting used as it was originally envisaged; used to hang off buildings  Here we can see both letters and a design.  

Good ol wooden bunting

Named hand painted wooden bunting.  Designed and made to your individual requirements.

Mr and Mrs wooden bunting

A unique way to distinguish where the new Mr and Mrs will sit. Hand painted wooden bunting.  

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