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Sunday 3rd February 2019

With time strength grows?

It’s a funny saying isn’t it? But is it true for every concept? What I mean is, yes I agree that going to the gym regularly, your strength will grow over time. However, when you lose a love one do you grow stronger over time?

This post will not be to everyone’s taste so if you don’t like reading about people feeling a little slumber then this post is not for you.

This week has not been a very eventful week in terms of my crafting etc. The kids went to all their different clubs and I went to work and did the normal household chores- anything really to try to keep my mind off a very significant date in my life.

On the 2nd February 2015 my dad passed away from oesophageal cancer. He was only 58 years old. He had never been seriously ill in his life and he was super fit (the army did that to him), so when he was having trouble swallowing his food and started to bring it up, we were naturally worried. Then our world fell apart when he was diagnosed with cancer and it was terminal. He didn’t have a chance to catch this cancer early as signs don’t usually show up until it’s too late.

During the summer of 2014, chemo was helping my dad and he was able to eat again and he started to enjoy life a bit. He loved spending time at our house helping my husband with bits in the garden like building a wood store as well as tiling my bathroom. My dad had always been good at producing something from nothing. He once, made a Swiss house style stable for our horses out of bits of old wood and a huge dresser for my mum’s kitchen. However, no matter how much he tried, he could never keep a straight line. At the end of a project/job my Nan would inspect and the first thing that would come out of her mouth was “It’s down on the left Roy!” – and the tagline “Down on the Left Roy” stuck with him.

My Dad always supported me in everything I did. He would come to all my shows and listen out for me on the local radio when I did interviews. He always had ideas in regards to my crafting and we use to plot and plan our next move. He had the gift of selling. That man could sell ice to Eskimos. He was our very own Del Boy.

God, I miss him. They say that grief eases with time but I don’t believe that true. That grief stays the same. The pain of losing my Dad is still as great as it was 4 years ago. However, my life has built up around the grief. I’m doing things that I may not have done if it wasn’t for my Dad dying. I returned back to amateur dramatics after a 10 year break. I left my job in Pathology because I lost faith in what the company was trying to achieve and I’m building up my relationship with my Mum – something that would never have happened if my Dad was still alive.

Yes I don’t believe that I have grown in strength over my Dad’s death but became more resilient. However on the significant days the pain bubbles up tenfold. I just have to remember how lucky I am to have had my Dad in my life for 36 years. Love you Dad xxxx

Sunday 17th February 2019

Spring is in the Air

It's Sunday again and I can't believe that another week has flown past - where does the time go?  This week brings half-term at our village school and that means entertaining two energetic children by myself for the whole week.  There are compensations though - the days are significantly longer now, and as well as winter roses and snowdrops, the earliest daffodils are beginning to bloom in my garden.

So what has been happening in our household this week?....... Well last Sunday as said, my daughter and I made fairy costumes from flowers and leaves. I think my daughter has a good eye for fashion…. What do you think? We are collecting more flowers to make cards soon so watch this space……

Throughout the week, hubby and I have been working on a

piece of furniture for our daughter’s bedroom. We are making

a tallboy from two bedside units and some odd drawers that    

were given to us. We aim to make it look like a castle tower   

and I hope to carry on with it this week if I get time.

On Monday it was Rainbows and I was shocked at what they

asked me. I turned up and the first thing they asked was:-

“Hi Skye. We were wondering how good you are at                     


Excuse me?!?!?!

“Yes, we were wondering if you would take the Rainbows for a Cheerleading lesson”

(I know I have a representation but Cheerleading was never part it) “Ohhh yes, Of course they can throw me in the air and catch me again” – ten squashed Rainbows, what a delight.

I managed to convince them to get the Rainbows to make their own pompoms and then I will teach them the chant style of Cheerleading.

On Tuesday, it was my husband’s Birthday so the

kids and I made cupcakes for him. You can’t go       

wrong with chocolate carrot cake. He was so happy

with his gifts. He got more tools to add to his           

collection….. and to complete the list of tasks I have

for him. Muahahaha!!!!

On Wednesday, my son and I went to our auditions for the new production our local group is producing. My son was keen to play the part of Farmer’s son who is a bully to one of the main characters. He was given the audition piece last week but he didn’t look at it once.

When it came to the audition, he went up with a couple of children who were auditioning for the main characters. They did their audition beautifully and you could tell that they had rehearsed the pieces thoroughly. Then it was my son’s turn………. He took a deep breath and……. “You Moron!” ….(those who were asleep were woken up suddenly)….. “You Idiot!!!!”……….. (people started muttering – I started to turn a shade of crimson). The director asked my son if he would like the audition piece to read. “Yes please, I forgot the lines so I thought I would improvise”…. He got a round of applause for that.

On Saturday, after the kids clubs, my husband and I decided to spring clean the conservatory/dump room/craft room. Hard work but we did a good job and it looks and feels so much better.

As part of his birthday, my husband wanted Chinese but we don’t tend to order takeaways so we made our own Chinese fakeaway. It was a new experience for the kids but it went down well and my husband certainly enjoyed it – better than a takeaway, he told me. If you like the look of it and want the recipes, I got them from the Slimming World website. Here is a link:-

Today we have been busy doing some maintenance work on our boat.

We brought it 2 years ago for my Dad’s birthday and we plan to

name it “Down on the left Roy” when we re-paint it. I have to say it

was a lovely day to work on the boat and we were tempted to take it

out for its first sail this year but we didn’t have or life jackets. Maybe

next time…..

We then spent the afternoon in our front garden tiding it up. Boy,

muscles I didn’t know I had are arching now. I will certainly sleep

tonight…… that’s if I can get off the sofa……………….

Good Night everyone and I hope you have a great week ahead.

Sunday 10th February 2019

When it rains, it pours

How true this saying is………… I hate the first week in February as something dramatic always seems to happen to me – sometimes great I admit but also sometimes awful. Some of the stand out events in recent years include:-

2nd February 2004 – Start my new career in medical research - good

1st February 2006 – Moved into my first house with my husband – excellent

4th February 2009 – Signed off work as I was diagnosed with preeclampsia with my first child – very worrying

3rd February 2014 – Signed off work, as work thought I had swine flu and the Doctors thought I had pneumonia - worrying

2nd February 2015 – My Dad died from oesophageal cancer – awful, awful, awful

4th February 2018 – I leave my job in medical research to start something new – optimistic

4th February 2019 – My lovely car of 20 years and full of memories, especially of my Dad, finally dies on me – very upsetting and not what we need just now.

I am now without a car which is a bit of a pain I have to say and cant afford to buy a new one yet as we spent our savings on a car for my husband last week – (he hasn’t had a car for several months due to his car breaking down in Italy and the RAC refusing to bring the car back – it’s still in Italy so we have to pay 2 lots of insurance and 2 lots of car tax until this case is sorted, but that’s a whole different story for another time.)

Anyway as the first week of February is now over it’s time to look forward….

It’s been another busy week here. It was my Dad’s 63rd Birthday on Tuesday so my Mum, Sister and I went to the Theatre Royal in Norwich to watch Calendar Girls which was brilliant. Well done cast and crew. We were inspired in producing our own topless calendar. However, with the size of our (cough cough)  I would take up January to June, my Mum would sit perfectly in July and my Sister would take up August to December. It certainly wouldn’t be for the faint hearted. Although, if you wallpapered each month together, it could make a great wall feature!

On Wednesday, my son and I went to a meeting about the next production he wants to be in. It’s called Run Rabbit Run and is about two evacuees who make their way back to London and meet different people along the way. It sounds interesting and we have auditions this coming week.

Also a photographer asked if she could use my two children in a photo shoot she is producing based on an old fashion Irish street scene. My children are excited about it so we will see what happens next.

Saturdays are our most busy day with the kids. At 9am they both going swimming, at 10am my son goes rock climbing and at 11am my son does martial arts. Meanwhile, my daughter and I usually go horse riding or do something crafty. Yesterday we went to Hobby Craft and made Valentine cards. It was like a glitter war there. She and I were full of glitter. Thank God it was there and not at home as I will spend the rest of the year hovering up glitter just like I am still hoovering up pine needles. I have no idea where they come from but they still keep turning up.

In the afternoon I took my husband to Pinewood Studio to watch the filming of “Not Going Out” starring Lee Mack. It was brilliant and a great birthday present for my husband (who’s birthday is next week). I know I spoil my husband with these expensive gifts….. We were told to keep a look out as we walk to and from the studio for celebrities as so many people walk past them and not notice them. On our way out, I and some new friends we made spotted a guy with what looked like a script in his hand. We looked at each other and questioned “Is it him?” “I don’t know” “Could it be him?”….. Could it have been Samuel L. Jackson filming the next Spiderman film? Who can say?

Oh well, back to reality now. We have to go and pick the kids up from the in-laws and start another week of running around. This afternoon I am making fairy costumes from flowers and leaves with my daughter as part of her school project. Wish me luck!

Sunday 24th February

Half Term is over!!!!!

Ok Hands up anyone who is glad half term is over!!!!!! It was great spending time with the children and what beautiful weather we had. Who could believe it is February especially when you compare it with this time last year when the Beast from the East started to hit us.

This week we have had Slime, Craft, Space, Mermaids and Vikings…… Just another normal week in our household.

On Monday I took the children to Hobby Craft to a slime making workshop. We have made slime with Hobby craft in the past and it has always proved to be a hit. This time they changed the method slightly and my two managed to get slime everywhere!!!!!… on the table, on the floor, on their clothes, on my clothes, in my hair and even in the car. To make matters worst the slime was poured into those plastic eggs Hobby Craft sell. However the eggs had holes in them so the slime kept seeping out of them all over our house…… Nice!!!! Especially when I removed the sofa seats to hover it and found slime there too!!!!!

For more craft sessions at Hobby Craft check out the link


On Tuesday the children and I crafted some gifts for our friends who we were meeting up on the Wednesday. I was given some unwanted old jugs, so with spring in the air what better way to plant some bulbs? We added some decoupage to the jugs – one with dogs as she is a dog lover and another with rhinos as she is from South Africa and is planning on having an African theme in her front room. Hopefully by Easter they should be in full bloom. We are looking forward to see the results.

We also transformed some old tiles into coasters using some wallpaper samples and Modge Podge. We then glued some leftover leather pieces to the back so the tiles don’t scratch the furniture.


On Wednesday we met up with our friends at the Forum in Norwich. It was playing host to the Makers Festival. You could have a go at new crafts and it’s an inspiration for new ideas. The children learnt about Wire picture animation, Zipp line drawing and Willow weaving.


On Thursday we checked out the Science Festival that was held in Bury St Edmunds. An amazing artist Luke Jerram’s created an enormous Moon using detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface and each centimetre of the 7 metre spherical sculpture represented 5 kilometres of the moon’s surface! Laying on the ground and looking up at the moon at such close approximately was awe-inspiring.


On Friday it was swimming and movie night with friends. My daughter took her mermaid tails so she and her best friend could practice their mermaid swimming. It was lovely seeing them swim up and down with their tails. Then it was back to our friends for pizza and a movie followed by a sleep-over for the kids.

Saturday was kids clubs in the morning followed by a trip to Sherringham to check out the Viking festival. It was fantastic. They set up a village and showed us their skills in making weapons, clothes, what they ate etc. We then watched the Vikings carry their long boat onto the beach and have a battle or two. In the evening they ended the day by setting fire to the boat in the traditional way Vikings do.



Today I plan to paint my daughters playhouse so it’s ready for a new year of fun and frolics. After that it’s time to get the children ready to go back to school. I have to say I’m looking forward to having a few hours to myself next week when they are back at school. I hope you guys are enjoying this lovely weather as much as we have been.

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