Sunday 27th January 2019

Doesn’t time fly!?!?!

Wow! Another week has simply flown by. It seems the older I get, the faster time flies. Or is it that the older you get, the more work you have to do like cleaning up after everyone else so you have little spare time to enjoy the seconds tick by.

This week we celebrated my Nan’s 92nd Birthday. She is my rock and we are extremely close. As a young girl, my family lived in Germany and when I was eight I came to England to attend a boarding school. It was my Nan that I stayed with on weekends off and she used to come to my school to help out with the different activities – you have to bear in mind that she lived in Essex and I was at school in Kent. Using the Dartford tunnel before the bridge was built and having to manually pay at the toll, you can imagine how long it used to take. But that’s love for you. She still comes to some of my craft fairs to help me out and keep me company.

She asked us if we would make her some bird houses

As she loves seeing the birds in the garden. I said

of course we would; but little did she realise that

Even for her I won’t follow convention…… so she

didn’t get the traditional bird houses she was

expecting. Instead she got a pair of Wellington

boots bird houses which are even more special

because they are made from my daughters’ boots that

she has outgrown.


Now on a sad note – yesterday my husband and I said our goodbyes to an old friend of 12 years. They were there when the children were born, watched them as they grew up and had to put up with the kids jumping all over them, throwing up on them but still provided comfort to us and the kids when we were ill. R.I.P old mattress………. Hello new mattress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The old mattress is now in our back room awaiting its’ final fate. Today our conversation went:-

Me – Honey, I’ve been thinking about upcycling the mattress

Hubby – No! No way! Not this time! You have too much stuff to do as it is! The mattress is going to the tip!………………………………..

Wait 5 minutes

Hubby – So what ideas do you have for it?.......................

He is just as bad as me!

If you are thinking of upcycling an old mattress, I found this page for inspiration-


p.s – don’t forget it’s the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend

Sunday 20th Janurary 2019

New Year New Blog

Hello and Happy New Year. After a lot of thought, I thought that I would start a blog of sorts so that you can get to know us more in depth and understand the reasons why we do what we do at Roy’s Crafts

Yesterday, my son and I finished our last pantomime

performance. I have done amateur dramatics for many

years and it’s a huge passion of mine. Two years ago my

son wanted to join me on stage when we performed Snow

White. He got the part of Bashful

and he was perfect for it.

This year we performed Camelot, my

son was a courtier and I played the

part of Teddy. We had a great time

together but my daughter was the

star of the show as she took part

In the audience participation. She

Has to wait another two years

before she can join us for real on

stage – still she had fun at the after show party, dancing all night on the stage.

I thought after we finished the panto our weeks would slow down a bit, but No! Like most weeks, this week has been just as busy. My children belong to many different clubs and I just love being a taxi driver for them.

My daughter belongs to our local Rainbow’s group and I have been helping out for a couple of months. It’s been really enjoyable. This week they asked if I would like to become a fully fledge leader/helper. I said “yes” – of course but I’m now worried if I made the right choice. For the next few weeks I will be looking over my shoulder in case a van load of Rainbows speed up behind and bungled me away so do some kind of initiative……………

As the week comes to an end I have been trying to find the last of the Christmas decorations that are hiding from me in order to pack them away and clear space to start new craft projects with the objects I get given. Those decorations are sneaky buggers but I will find them all!

How has the start of the New Year been for you? What plans have you got for 2019?

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