Good ‘ol bunting

Bunting makes a return here! Whatever you want on it I can accommodate.

Unique coasters

New for 2016, we see these coasters. As with everything I do, the designs are dictated by what I have to hand.

Chraracter pegs

Hang up your cards with these unique pegs.

Abstract Christmas tree

Stylish and different. It’s a christmas tree that can be displayed that can be on show all year.

Christmas can be a stressful time. What do you get such and such? Well, for that something totally unique then try some of what I can create.  On this page you will see some of the popular items from the 2016 collection.

Christmas Box

Something a bit different are these decorated boxes.  Wrap up your presents and hold them in these.

Hanging tags

A tag to hang on whatever you want

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