Cake Stands

For that totally fabulous way to display your cakes at the table. Each stand is unique according to the wood obtained, but each one is made with love.  As new  designs are created they will be added here.

Attractive look

Each log is chosen for its individual look and aestheticness.

Simple design

The simple design works. Two matched logs are mated together and then worked to make one.

Unique design

No two stands are the same.  Each one is created by eye and totally dependant on the donor tree.

A perfect addition to the table

Each stand can be made to your special requirements.

Special Occasion Stand

In addition to the standard design of cake stand, I am able to offer these painted to mark or commemorate a special event.

When ordering please do not hesitate to ask about having it decorated to your specifications.

A perfect addition to your event

Make your afternoon tea or event stand out with this unique stand.

Slatted cake stand

A different style of cake stand. Stripped down and stylish. So why not have one?

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