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Welcome to my blog.  Here you can find out all about why Roys Crafts exists and what we do. You can follow the latest on social media, but here you can sit down and have a good read.

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Fun and Games!

It’s March….. It’s March!!!!!! We have hit the third month of 2019 already and this month both my children have birthdays. Normally we celebrate their birthdays with big outlandish parties where I can let my creative juices flow starting from the invites and cakes to the party decorations and party bags. However, this year due to the fact that we have had to pay out for two new cars in the space of a couple of weeks, we have had to ditch the parties this time but the children can have a sleepover. They have been very understanding and are excited about having a sleepover this year.

But me being me, I’m coming up with ideas to keep the boys and then the girls happy. Some ideas are in the photos below


So what has been happening this week?

Well on Monday I took my husband to London to view the previews of the Christmas and Halloween episodes of Not Going Out. All I can say is that, they were hilarious…. The screening was supposed to start at 7pm and finish by 8.30pm. However there was a technical glitch with the sound equipment which meant they were unable to tape the audiences’ reactions to the episodes, so the warm up comedian who was paid to do 10-15 minutes ended up trying to entertain the audience for over an hour. We arrived home at 1.30am but it was a great night out.

On Friday, I picked up my new car. It’s a peugeot 307. I phoned my insurance to tell them the change of car and they wanted an extra £223 on top of the £142 I paid for my Mercedes 4 weeks previously. Unbelievable!!!! I asked them if they thought I was an 18 year old boy racer and not a mother of two children. Needless to say I cancelled my insurance with them and went with a company that charged me £162 for a year’s insurance.

On Saturday my children were asked to take part in a photo shoot in Essex. As you can image, they were very excited and nervous about it, but overall despite a tantrum from my daughter because she didn’t like the scarf the photographer gave her to wear, the photo shoot went really well. The photographer had a natural way with the children and was very calm and collected with them and with the other 7 children that were involved in the shoot. If you are interested in seeing some of her work check out the link -

After the shoot, we hot footed it back to Norwich for a cousin’s birthday. Running around for an hour shooting kids with lasers = fun!

Now we have two extremely tried children who will spend the day chilling out as the weather has turned and it is raining cats and dogs here in Norfolk. As for me; well I have a mountain to climb and conquer…… a mountain of ironing that is!!!!!

Have a great week guys!

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Sunday 10th March 2019

And relax……

Well it’s another Sunday and another blog post. This week has been consumed with my son’s birthday. He has celebrated it three times – first on Tuesday at my Mum’s, then at the in-laws on Thursday and then at ours on Saturday. Not many people get three birthday cakes in one week… in fact, some years I don’t even get one.

This week has been quiet in terms of crafting as I spent any

free time cleaning up my craft stuff to make way for my

son’s birthday. However I have started making some Easter,

Mother’s day and Wedding wooden bunting.  I found

some vintage card designs and am head over heels in love

With them. I am going to use them on my bunting as they

are too good to hide away.


So as stated last week my son had a sleepover party. When I was telling people about it, they all said that I was brave to do a sleepover with 10 year old boys. I was confused why they would say that but after last night I now know why. It was mad, manic and tiring but I believe the children had a great time.

As it was a movie night sleepover I decorated the table with a movie theme. I found the decorations in my party box from when I hosted a movie murder mystery 10 years ago. I knew that some day they would be handy again.

Hubby, daughter and I then had the fun (Ha!) job of putting sweets in balloons and blowing them up for the game I planned for the boys. They each had to tie a balloon to their ankles and chase each other in order to burst the balloon and win the sweet. I step it up a bit by chasing them and spraying them with silly string. I wasn’t sure how it would be received as 10 years nowadays think they are adults but still have a child side to them. The game was a huge hit but it didn’t last long enough for them. I will make a note of it for the next gathering……..

Next came the sleeping arrangements. There was no-one way six boys could fit in my son’s bedroom especially as he has a 5 foot T-rex and drum set in there already, so they piled up in the front room. We laid seat cushions on the floor in between the sofas and let them fight for their space. Once they were settled we started a pillow fight! Well you can’t have a sleepover without a pillow fight!!

The boys were so excited all night that they kept everyone up (and no doubt the neighbours too). Finally at 3am we had to tell them enough was enough but it was after 3.30am before it was quiet. At 7am they were awake again!!!!!!

They spent the morning eating pancakes and playing hide and seek with my husband until their parents arrived.

Well as it’s raining again, I think we will spend the rest of the day chilling out in front of the t.v and have lots of cuddles.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend despite the weather.

Sunday 18th March 2019

Completing a Marathon

Well, we are well into March and certainly experiencing the typical March Winds. I have space hoppers flying across my garden! So with the weather as it is, it’s a great time to update my daughter’s room as part of her birthday. We last decorated her room four years ago but she turns seven next week and she is a growing into a beautiful young woman who knows her own mind. She loves her make-up and her clothes as well as her dolls.

Most of us struggle with clutter in our homes and always feel the need for more space. My daughter has the smallest room but the amount of “stuff” she has acquired is incredible. However, no matter how cluttered and full our rooms are, they can still be beautiful. There are plenty of ways to maximise the storage space without compromising on the aesthetics and I hope you agreed that we have done that with our daughter’s room.


First stage – rip up old carpet and sand the floor

DecoI wanted my daughter to have a magical woodland, fairytale room. I started my painting her room pink and found a beautiful woodland wall mural. It did cost over £200 but spending money in the right places can really make a room. I then made a little swing from pallet wood for a fairy china doll and hung her from the ceiling.

We brought a new wooden bi-folding door from Homebase. Bi-folding doors will take up less space in a small room when opened. It has opaque glass on the top half so natural light can flood the landing from her room and vice versa. I managed to find a twig style door handle from Ebay. Attention to detail is important (When I get time I will wax the door withan oak stain).

I used a cheap garden arch and brought fake flowers to wrap round it and hang down from it. It makes a wonderful entrance to her bedroom.

While wondering round my local auction house I found a lovely rocking horse and had to have it. I was over the moon when I won the bid and jumped for joy when I found out, it cost me £50. You really can get some wonderful bargains from auction houses.



Wardrobe - As my daughter was growing she needed to come out of the cot and into a bed so I started to design her room to grow with her. The double wardrobe was going to be too big for the room once her new bed arrived and it wasted space. We were given a single Ikea wardrobe and we redesigned it. I wanted it to look like a tree as part of a magical forest so I painted it and added fairy doors and windows. As the wardrobe didn’t go to the ceiling we added an extra bit so some of her toys could be store there – looking like they lived in the tree.  I added fake cherry blossom to the ceiling so it looked like the tree was growing out across the room. I then added solar power fairy lights to the ceiling in-between the cherry blossom so at night they look like fireflies. We took the back off the wardrobe and put it in the room at an angle giving maximum wardrobe space but not taking up to much space in the room.





Bookcases - My children are avid readers have always been. So in order to allow my daughter to keep a lot of books in her room we needed to make her some bookcases….. space saving bookcases. The only way this would be possible was to make flat wall hung bookcases, but as this is a magical bedroom I wanted them to look like castle towers on the bed which I wanted to look like a castle. We had some scrape wood and some pallet wood. My husband followed my design and even cut out the turrets. I then painted the bookcases and we hung them up at the same height of the bed.

Tallboy - My daughter had a tall wicker drawer unit for many years and i

t was ok but as she grew, the more drawer space she needed. We were

given 2 bedside drawer tables and had some left over drawers from

another project so my husband set to, to making a tallboy and added

the turrets on the top. I painted the unit and changed the handles and

here we got our tallboy……….

Dressing table - My daughter is mad for make up and has a huge collection

of nail vanishes, lip glosses, body glitter etc. She also has a huge collection hair bands, clips and jewellery so she needed somewhere to store her bits and to sit to put her makeup on.

I was given a toilet roll holder cupboard a couple of years ago and held onto it determined to use it somewhere. Also , a few years ago I order a wall drawer unit for my room but it was not the size it stated and looked stupid on my wall so we made one ourselves and I kept the small unit. Along with a piece of scrape wood, these three items were turned into a dressing table for my daughter. I think we

did a great job considering she doesn’t have the space for a full size dressing table and it provides the much needed storage she needed.

The dressing table chair and mirror came from our neighbour and I decided

to leave them as they were.

I hope you like what we have done in our daughter’s room. The next room we are going to finish off is our kitchen which is in a 1950’s. Watch this space………

Sunday 24th March 2019

The 3 R’s – reducing, reusing, recycling

Firstly, can I say “Thank you” to everyone who contacted me with their lovely comments about my daughter’s bedroom. It certainly is a labour of love but I absolutely love designing a room and seeing it through to the end.

Sometimes it is hard to get started and it takes time to find the first glimpse of inspiration before I know where I want to take the room. My bathroom for example was difficult to get started. I was not sure what theme to go for. I looked at seaside themes but I wanted more colour so started looking at a more ultra modern theme, but that simply wasn’t for me. My first piece of inspiration came when I saw a Victorian wash stand for sale and at the same time someone was getting rid of their huge bowl sink. I decided to go for them. We created a beautiful sink unit and that was the start of my bathroom. It’s not finished yet because of personal reasons but I do hope to finish it off soon.

Most of my home is filled with pre-loved pieces and the one question I get asked is, why do we put ourselves through it and upcycle items when we could buy new.

Buying new pieces is great if you want something fast and people have become so used to items being mass produced and made in a heartbeat that we buy things as quickly as we throw them away. Many people buy clothes and only wear them a few times then trash them. What happened to the motto “Make do and mend”?

Upcycling items does not mean that you have to sacrifice anything. You can have a lovely home regardless if you buy new or old. However when you purchase a lovingly restored piece of pre-loved furniture or upcycle items yourself, it will allow you to have exactly the home you dream of. These pre-loved pieces give your home a deep characterful charm that new pieces just can’t do. I mean; imagine how many people have interacted with your pre-loved furniture over the years – the love it has seen, the petty fights, emotions and dramas of people's lives. Also every upcycled item is unique unlike manufacture items – how great is that? Why be boring and have the same as everyone else when you can design your home to match your taste and personality.

Another reason why we upcycle items is that it gives us a chance to learn new skills and gives us a wonderful feeling when we complete a project. So what are you waiting for? Grab a hammer and some nails and fix a piece of furniture and while you’re at it grab your paintbrushes or wallpaper, mosaic tiles etc and learn a new skill by giving it a new look.

And don’t forget, there are also the environmental benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling items. Aside from minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year (our planet barely has enough room for all of us these days, let alone all of our waste), it also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials which means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and often a conservation of global resources.

Although we are far from perfect it is important to live as much of a zero waste life as possible. As they say “Every little help!”

On another note it was my daughter’s birthday this week and she was excited to have her best friend stay over. As her birthday occurs just before or during the Easter holiday it’s always hard to organise her party to suit everyone and this year has been no different. I ust could arrange a date to suit everyone so to compromise we had her best friend stay over on Friday although I had rehearsals that night and they would have to get up early as the children had their swimming, rock climbing and martial arts.

The girls were good as gold. My daughter gave her best friend a make over even though she doesn’t like make up etc. Then when I came home from rehearsals we pushed the sofas together and put the bedding on. They sat up all night watching movies quietly. What a difference from my son’s sleep-over.

Then today the children had their martial arts grading. My son did

amazingly and passed his grade with a 1st but my daughter suffered

under the pressure and had to pull out. They have said that she can try again next week so fingers crossed she passes next week.